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Farmi Wood Chippers

Farmi® Wood Chippers are manufactured to withstand the rigors of commercial applications. The adjustable chip size feature allows the operator to satisfy a broad range of customers. The standard features and available options allow the operator to configure a chipper for a specific work setting and chipping objective, making the Farmi® Chipper an efficient and profitable tool. Click the link below to access the Farmi® Chipper Web Site and learn more about these workhorse machines. Make money from your waste wood!

CH 100F 4” manual feed chipper for compact tractors 20-45 hp
CH100F HD 4” manual feed chipper for Skid Steer (See Skid Steer Attachments)
CH180 7” chipper for 40-60 hp tractors
CH 182 7” chipper with adjustable chip size for 40-60 hp tractors
CH 260 10 ¼" chipper with adjustable chip size for 40+ HP tractors, producing commercial quality chips - Tractor Mounted
CH 260 + Loader Whole tree chipper fed by a knuckleboom loader - Tractor Mounted or Trailer Mounted
CH 260 OEM For 10 ¼" diameter wood or maximum 18" wide slabs - Electric/Gas/Diesel Engine Powered
CH 380 15" wood chipper for 148-208 hp tractors - Tractor Mounted