Farmi® Wood Chippers are manufactured to withstand the rigors of commercial applications. The adjustable chip size feature allows the operator to satisfy a broad range of customers. The standard features and available options allow the operator to configure a chipper for a specific work setting and chipping objective, making the Farmi® Chipper an efficient and profitable tool.  Make money from your waste wood!Our wide range of robust wood chippers is optimised for different needs in landscaping and bioenergy wood chipping. Farmi Forest chippers are developed with easy operation, productivity and safety in mind. Additional benefits include fuel efficiency in operation and low maintenance costs. Wood chippers are available in hand feed models or combinations with loaders as well as with electric engines.


FARMI CH 100 F is designed as a robust and inexpensive disc chipper for landscaping to chip branches and small trees up to a diameter of 100 mm. The FARMI CH 100 F can be mounted onto a small tractor giving a compact chipping machine in gardens, parks, yards and road sides. Two knives and an anvil take care of chipping and feeding. CH 100 F chipper is available as a tractor PTO versions or as a hydraulic driven option.


FARMI CH 180 single disc chipper is an effective and easy to use machine for landscaping (tree tops, spruce twigs and other branches, saplings, Christmas trees etc.).
Robust and efficient single disc chipper
Good quality chips from tree trunks (even for energy when min. at 1000 rpm disc revolution)
FARMI CH 180 HF chipper with hydraulic feed ->  all materials are easy to feed
No-stress mechanism as an option -> high quality chips
Low power demand (feeding at an angle)




FARMI CH 381 is a chipper for professional energy chipping  (5000 – 40000 cubic meters of chips annually). Feed opening is as big as 380 x 420 mm.
FARMI wood chipping with double disc in 3 steps: Cutting knives – Extra knives – Twig/Gross breaker.
FARMI CH 381 HF with roller feed of whole trees and tree trunks
FARMI CH 381 HFC with steel conveyor feed for feeding of all kind of wood material, branches, slabs,short wood pcs, logging waste etc.
Own hydraulic unit, No Stress, discharge chute rotation, discharge chute blow distance, pedal control for hydraulic feed,  hydr. opening for upper chipper cover…these all accessories as standard.  Remote control as accessory.